Gluttony by S.N. Hunt

Gluttony by S.N. Hunt

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Author: S.N. Hunt
Genre: Paranormal Romance
File Name: gluttony-by-s-n-hunt.epub
Original Title: Gluttony: Dark Paranormal Romance (Seven Princes of Sin Book 2)
Creator: S. N. Hunt
Language: en
Publisher: anonymous
Date: 1648578600
File Size: 1083179.008

“I’m going to make you a widow.”

Leo has always been laid-back and easy-going, never quick to anger or feel jealousy. Being a Prince of Hell and in charge of the sin of Gluttony, the more the merrier was always his motto, but Carrie’s his and no one else can have her. Even if it means killing her husband and keeping her under lock and key.
Carrie just wants to return to her life and her withdrawals are getting worse. But even as she searches for an escape, she feels herself falling under the spell of the Master of Gluttony and she starts to question her loyalties to her pimp and husband, John. Can she find a way out, or will she burn in the inferno of a Prince of Sin?

This book contains scene and material that is suitable for mature audiences. Please see the trigger page for a list of possible offensive subjects.

Table of Content

  • 1. Copyright
  • 2. Trigger Warning
  • 3. 1. Chapter One
  • 4. 2. Chapter Two
  • 5. 3. Chapter Three
  • 6. 4. Chapter Four
  • 7. 5. Chapter Five
  • 8. 6. Chapter Six
  • 9. 7. Chapter Seven
  • 10. 8. Chapter Eight
  • 11. 9. Chapter Nine
  • 12. 10. Chapter Ten
  • 13. 11. Chapter Eleven
  • 14. 12. Chapter Twelve
  • 15. 13. Chapter Thirteen
  • 16. 14. Chapter Fourteen
  • 17. 15. Chapter Fifteen
  • 18. 16. Chapter Sixteen
  • 19. 17. Chapter Seventeen
  • 20. 18. Chapter Eighteen
  • 21. 19. Chapter Nineteen
  • 22. 20. Chapter Twenty
  • 23. 21. Chapter Twenty One

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