Last Books

Planet of the Orcs by Athena Storm
2022, Athena Storm
The smell of ash and fire got me going, The blood of my foes dripping from my bl....
Wolf King by Lindsey Devin
2022, Lindsey Devin
Their union is her downfall… Aurora is a virgin, but she’s certainly not innoce....
The Easter Hunt by Kitty Thomas
2022, Kitty Thomas
Once upon a time, a girl was saved by a monster that lived in a dungeon. That gi....
Reigns To Her Heart by Charlene Namdhari
2019, Charlene Namdhari
She’s afraid to love…He’ll teach her how. Reece Bentley is a self-confessed pla....
Brody by Eve London
2021, Eve London
Samantha: I wasn’t expecting to see my brother’s best friend on the auction bloc....
Wild Harts: Rockstar Shifters BoxSet by Lily Cahill
2016, Lily Cahill
The Hart brothers have set the music world on fire since their debut album dropp....
Taken By the Pack by Lola Glass
2022, Lola Glass
All it took was one look to end my life… Because one look is all it takes to tri....
Swoon Worthy by Flora Madison
2022, Flora Madison
Ariel: Working in the ER is hard work, but there’s nothing I’d rather do. My shi....
In The Weeds by B.K. Borison
2022, B.K. Borison
Evelyn St. James isn’t the kind of woman you forget. Beckett Porter certainly ha....
When We’re Alone by Genevieve Jasper
2022, Genevieve Jasper
All my life I’ve been told “be seen but not heard,” and I’m suffocating. Going t....
The Spooky Life by S.E. Harmon
2022, S.E. Harmon
Rain Christiansen isn’t sure he’ll ever fully understand the supernatural. But h....
Imposing on the Yoga Instructor by Lynn Sherry
2022, Lynn Sherry
Simon Kane: Yoga was my life, and I enjoyed the peace and serenity it brought to....

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